thursday 24 november 2016

Bouleternère, France

6 Cami Real, 66130 Bouleternère, Languedoc-Roussillon, France


Café de Bouleternère «»
6 Cami Real, 66130 Bouleternère, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
For the first time in Boulternére Microguagua from Barcelona!!

Microguagua presents its fourth record, “Grandhotel Cosmopolis” (Kasba Music, 2015) in wich they move away from them classical reggae roots sound, opening doors to a style fusion revolving around rock.
An intense and direct album, nine efective and solid songs where one can tell how the band has grown and given complete freedom to creativity without any genre barriers. “Grandhotel Cosmopolis” is like listening to some rock & crossover bands playing along over a reggae matress.
“Grandhotel Cosmopolis”, wich is also the title for the opening song of the record, is the whole world! Is the place that welcomes us all. Like it or not, is the place were we live, die, love and suffer, and we all participate on its functioning. “Grandhotel Cosmopolis” is the contradiction: were we talk about social action, but we spend most of the time on the virtual social network sites; where bulls are getting killed in the arena but we spend a fortune to save our pets; where we live of global exchange and we put objections to human exchange; where we live together and, with equal responsabilities, we weave the threads of human history.
After eight years combining street performances with stages, concert halls, large venues and big festivals, after more than seventy shows across half Europe, outside Spain, after having reached the number of 12.100 selled copies of their last album and more than 30.000 copies of their three previous works taken together, lthe band has reached a level and a surprising maturity. All the above has been captured on this album recorded in march 2015 in La Atlantida Studio by Mario Patiño and Edgar Beltri, mixed in Garate Studios by Kaki Arkarazo and mastered by Yves Roussel.
All lyrics by Francesco Casatta, music by Microguagua.
Microguagua is: Francesco “el tano” Casatta, vocals & guitar, Luis Maria “coti” Raffatella, bass, Mariano “gaucho” De Ritis, guitar, Denis Molina, drums, y Narciso Valenzuela Salas, trumpet.
In “Grandhotel Cosmopolis” they have featured the collaboration, among others, of Josep Blanes, trombone (ex-La Kinky Beat & many bands), Romain Renard, accordion (La Pegatina) y Omar Kattan, percussion (ex-Buritaca & many bands).

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